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Born and raised in Minneapolis, Hanh Tran, went to Carlson School of Management at University of Minnesota. Graduated at 19 years old, with a major in Marketing Management and minor in Economics, she worked in the Technology field for a few major companies (Sun, EMC, HP, and Cisco) over 17 years. After many years of traveling the country for work, she then moved to Rochester in 2015 to be with her husband, George Chow. Married now for 8 years, Hanh is a mother of 3 children, Isabelle (Izzy), 7 years old, Cameron (Cam) 4 years old, the baby boy, Carywn, is 2 years old. She also has a little 10-year-old Morkie (Yorkie Maltese mix) named Cola, that Cam and Carwyn love chasing around the house.

Hanh and her family built their SW Rochester home that have a lot of bells and whistles (an indoor slide), and a large open kitchen.
While taking care of her family, she likes to cook, bake, workout, travel, read, organize, shop online, plan/host events, and loves to find new shows to watch with her husband after the kids are asleep. She has an incredible passion for cooking. Every week, she tries new recipes and drops off food for her friends and family.


Energetic and driven, Hanh's idea to start Sushi Ninjas, was a challenge to push herself forward. She found a love to make sushi for her friends and family. She taught a class to a set of workout friends and felt it would be fun to continue to share her knowledge with others.  She's excited to try this new venture and looks forward to learning from her new clients.

Instructor: Our Team
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